portrait of custom builders John, Kate and Nicole Shively


Husband and wife team, John and Kate Shively, and now with their daughter Nicole, have been turning dreams into reality for over 35 years. The epitome of a locally owned business, they work with every client, hand in hand, to ensure perfection. Each project takes on a life of it’s own. All Shively homes utilize the highest quality materials and adhere to the highest standards in the industry. Beyond the structural commitment to superiority, each home must embody it’s inhabitants. Through the client-builder relationship, the Shively’s exceed their client’s expectations with their superior commitment to success in every endeavor they embark upon.

The Shivelys live in their own ‘Shively Custom Dream Home’ in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  When not creating superior living environments, John, Kate and Nicole enjoy skiing, hiking, traveling, fine cuisine and music.

They welcome you to call and share your dreams as you make the important decision of choosing the proper building partner.

Let’s build something beautiful together.